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July 13-16, 2017
Weigh in is July 16th, 10am - 1pm

2017 Rodeo Rules

Location:The Aycock Barn
409 Aycock Street, Arabi, LA

Important: Diver Safety in Louisiana Waters

Divers from other areas who are not familiar with Louisiana's waters should be aware that there are some differences here that make our spearfishing more dangerous than it is in other places.

  • Oil platforms, where fish congregate, can be hostile environments. The beams that support the platforms are covered with sharp barnacles, coral, sea urchins and other nasty stuff. It is important to wear gloves and some form of protective layer of clothing or wetsuit.

  • Large, heavy objects have been known to fall from oil platforms, and in rare circumstances, divers have been hit by them. It is important to be very aware of your surroundings and in the vicinity of other divers.

  • Divers have died from ascending and hitting their head on a crossbeam. Always put a gloved hand up above your head while ascending underneath an oil platform.

  • At times our currents can be very strong. Make sure to use a tow line behind your boat, and don't dive in currents that you're not comfortable in. Divers have been lost due to strong current.

  • If you're not used to diving here, a competitive spearfishing tournament is not the best way to learn. If you decide to anyway, make sure you go with someone experienced in the area.

  • Safety equipment to bring: cable cutters (in case of entanglement), sea sausage, bailout bottle

  • Divers should only shoot fish they know they can handle.

  • Check out equipment prior to dive, service regulators, replace dive computer batteries.


2011 Aqua Aces Rodeo
Benefiting Children's Hospital

2011 Aqua Aces Rodeo


King: Steve Hartley (ST)
Queen: Christy Stone (AA)
King Skindiver: Steve Hartley (ST)
Best Boat: Knot Satisfied
Best Club: Sea Tigers



2010 Aqua Aces Rodeo
Benefiting Children's Hospital

2010 Donation to Children's Hospital


2009 Aqua Aces Rodeo
Benefiting Children's Hospital

King Spearfisherman: Jason Gitreaux (Get Em)
Queen Spearfisherman: Christy Stone (Aqua Aces)
King Skindiver: Jered King (Aqua Aces)
Junior King: Dillon Breaux (Get Em)
Best Boat: Heavy Metal
Best Club: Helldivers

A special congratulations goes to Christy Stone who shot a new women's state record Amberjack that weighed in at 78 lbs. !!!


2008 Aqua Aces Rodeo
Benefiting Children's Hospital

The 2008 Aqua Aces Rodeo was a great success, and we owe it to our club members, sponsors, and mother nature.

This Year's Winners:
King Spearfisherman: George Ansardi - Hell Divers
Queen Spearfisherman: Abby Donaldson - Get 'Em
King Skindiver: Chris Hartwell - Aqua Aces
#2 Skindiver: Joe Wegman - Hell Divers
#3 Skindiver: Don Scott - Frogmen
Best Club: Hell Divers
Best Boat: Heavy Metal

This year, the Aqua Aces made their annual donation to Children's Hospital before the rodeo so that it could be done during the annual Children's Miracle Network Telethon. Click Here or on the image below to see the video:

2007 Aqua Aces Rodeo
Benefiting Children's Hospital

The New Orleans Aqua Aces would like to send out thanks to all of our sponsors from this year's rodeo.

Congratulations to:

King Spearfisherman - Stan Smith (Helldivers)
Queen Spearfisher - Juliette Schmidt (Aqua Aces)
King Skindiver - Greg Matherne (Bayou Bandits)
Best Club - Helldivers
Best Boat - Heavy Metal

2007 Rodeo Board - click here

Pictures form 2007 Rodeo - click here

2006 Aqua Aces Rodeo

The New Orleans Aqua Aces would like to send out thanks to all of our sponsors from this year's rodeo.

Congratulations to Jason Guitreau from the Get 'Em club on winning the King Spearfisherman Award for 2006.

Congratulations to Linsey Hurd from the Hell Divers on winning King Skindiver award for 2006.

Aqua Aces 2006 Rodeo Board - Download


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